'That's The Power' Hillsong Worship Acoustic Performance

'That's The Power' Hillsong Worship Acoustic Performance

Listen to this wonderful acoustic performance of the song ‘That’s The Power’ by Hillsong Worship.

“There's a Name that levels mountains, carves out highways through the sea
I've seen its power unravel battles, right in front of me, there's a faith that stands defiant
Sends Goliath to his knees, I've seen as praise unraveled shackles, right off my feet
That's the power of Your Name, just a mention makes a way, giants fall and strongholds break
That's the power that I claim, it's the same that rolled the grave, there's no power like the
Mighty Name of Jesus”

What a beautiful worship song with a powerful message. It reminds us that the Jesus that we read about in Scripture is the same God today. All of that power is available today, the same way that it was back then. And this song is a reminder to have faith in that truth.

“That chorus. A heart of surrender is what I need right now in this season. So beautiful,” writes one person on YouTube after watching the video. “Thanks for helping get me there, Hillsong.”

“I love the intentionality in every stroke and every note with the melody! Amazing,” comments another person online.

In an interview about the song, one of the writers, Alex, shares why Hillsong Worship wanted to write ‘That’s The Power.’

“We were really setting out to simply write a song that declared how great the name of Jesus is, how powerful it is,” he said. “As a church, you know, you’re just constantly itching to sing a song like that.”

What a great song that focuses on the power that there is in the name of Jesus. It is that resurrection power that breaks strongholds and sets people free!

We hope that you enjoyed listening to ‘That’s The Power’ by Hillsong Worship today.

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