Girl With Cancer Shares Tearful Reunion With Dog After A Month Apart

Girl With Cancer Shares Tearful Reunion With Dog After A Month Apart

A young woman battling cancer was reunited with her four-legged and furry friend following a monthslong stay in a hospital.

Life is often not a fair or fun experience, bringing about unexpected and undeserved hurt, heartache and sickness. This is a cold, hard fact of life that can be hard to explain at times, especially when the person suffering from cancer, or some other horrible disease is a child or a young person. But no matter how bad a situation, animals always make things better, even if for just a few seconds.

A clip posted on YouTube captures a young woman’s momentary happiness and joy during her cancer battle. The short video starts with the young woman, who has been in the hospital for a month, being wheeled toward the hospital’s entrance.

As she is being pushed toward the doors, a group of people, one who appears to be a medical professional, given her long white coat, enter the building. In her arms, the woman in the white coat carries a small being. It’s hard to make out what she is holding, but as the clip progresses, viewers quickly find out.

The creature in the woman’s arms is a dog, which she hands to the young person in the wheelchair. Because of the woman’s extended stay in the hospital, she has been unable to see her furry friend. The two pals had been separated.

But they are apart no longer!

It’s an emotional reunion. The young woman cannot contain herself as she immediately bursts into tears. The little animal is also pleased to be back with its friend. The dog is a ball of energy, unable to stop moving, constantly licking the sick young woman’s face. It’s a sweet moment during what has likely been an unbearable and grueling past few weeks.

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