'What Are We Waiting For' for KING + COUNTRY Official Music Video

'What Are We Waiting For' for KING + COUNTRY Official Music Video

Check out the new official music video for the song ‘What Are We Waiting For’ by for KING + COUNTRY.

“Can't be what we can't see, can't speak when we can't breathe, can't dance if we don't
Move our feet. It's a blur tryin' to keep pace. Days are running like they're in a race
Can't move if we're in our own way. I guess the crisis is we've just one life to live
And no one knows what happens next, so what are we waiting for? What are we waiting for?”

This great song is part of for KING + COUNTRY’s new album, also titled What Are You Waiting For. It was released earlier this year after a long period of self-reflection and personal growth for the band during the pandemic. Some of the lessons learned about family, spirituality, and unity are reflected in the messages on the 13-song album.

When it comes to the message of the song ‘What Are We Waiting For,’ the band members of for KING + COUNTRY shared their thoughts.

“So often we deal in statements in life — about ourselves, about God, about others. And yet, if you look at Jesus’ life, He often dealt in questions. We have found it very relieving and exciting to start writing from that place, and ‘What Are We Waiting For?’ stands as just that,” the singers explained.

“One of our favorite lines in the whole song is ‘What are we praying for? What are we saving for? What if we could be the light that no one could ignore?’ We’re proud to ask these questions alongside you, and we hope that you find your answers as we’ve found ours,” they shared.

We hope that you enjoyed listening to and watching the official music video for ‘What Are We Waiting For’ by for KING + COUNTRY today!

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