Little Girl And Rescue Duck Become Best Friends

Little Girl And Rescue Duck Become Best Friends

Dogs aren’t the only animals as man’s best friends. If you ask Opal, she would say it’s ducks. This little girl and her rescue duck become the best of friends, and your heart will just melt over their bond. 

While Opal and her family were at the park one day, they found an egg that had seemingly been tossed aside near a sidewalk. Hiedi, Opal’s mom, said to leave it be in hopes a duck would come back for it. That’s when Heidi learned from other duck watchers in the park that domesticated ducks are often dumped in the area. 

This gave Heidi some thoughts about the lone egg they had found when they found it still there two hours later. 

Opal then posed an innocent question to her mom. “It doesn’t have a mama. Maybe we should rescue it?” She said. And that is how Opal became a mom and best friend to Starlight. They play together, they read together, and they cuddle together. Wherever Opal is, you can be sure Starlight isn’t far behind. The pair have been inseparable since day one, and Opal’s mom wouldn’t have it any other way. 

After Starlight’s arrival, Heidi began doing research about ducks to ensure Starlight had the best life possible. She learned Starlight needed to have other ducks around in order to thrive. So Opal said yes to being a little mama to two more ducks that she named Stormie and Rain, that were adopted from a rescue shelter. 

The trio follows Opal around everywhere, and they even offer hugs. They adore Opal and think she’s the best mom ever. 

This is such a sweet video that reveals the power of love a child can offer. Way to go Opal! Your sweet love for ducks and your compassion seems to be mutual. Keep taking care of your little flock the way God cares for you!

“Know well the condition of your flocks, and give attention to your herds,” Proverbs 27:23

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