Owner Sets Up Camera To Capture Cat’s Antics During The Night

Owner Sets Up Camera To Capture Cat’s Antics During The Night

One furry, four-legged creature’s frenzied nighttime activities, which make its owners getting any shuteye nearly impossible, were caught on camera.

All animals, especially cats, have very different, varying personalities. Anyone who has ever had a cat knows that no two felines are the same. For example, maybe Cat A enjoys being rubbed only on its head in a particular fashion. Well, Cat B, unlike Cat A, enjoys having its back massaged in a circular or back-and-forth motion. One cat may love being held and carried around the house. The other feline would scratch you to pieces for even attempting such a maneuver. 

Similarly, not all cats have the same level of energy. Most felines prefer to lounge around, while others enjoy a much more active lifestyle, as a video posted on TikTok hilariously shows. 

The short, 54-second clip documents the nocturnal escapades of Sheldon, a black and white cat. As the video shows, Sheldon is quite the active kitty. He begins his nighttime of fun by playing a game with the feet and legs of his female owner, who wants nothing more than to get some sleep. 

Sheldon, though, has much different, rowdy and energetic plans in mind. 

After Sheldon grows tired of playfully attacking the female’s feet and legs, he sets his sights a little higher. The cat repeatedly jumps up into the bed, trying to bite and hold onto her arm and hand. 

Then, Sheldon moves even higher on the poor woman’s body. The cat lays next to, practically on top of the woman’s face. At one point, it appears Sheldon is boxing the female in the face as he repeatedly paws at her head. 

To say Sheldon is active once the sun goes down and while his owners are trying to sleep would be a severe understatement. Sheldon wants attention, wants to play and he’s not concerned with the time of day.

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