Worshipping the One and Only - Living On The Throne

3-23-2008 Living on the throne...that's what Jesus is doing! Having finished His mission as the most pleasing sacrifice for our sinfulness, and having been raised in the spirit and body from the tomb, He was en-throned as Ruler of life over and against death! It's for our benefit that Jesus reigns with God's sovereign control. It can be hard to accept that He rules from a throne of goodness when He allows heartache , pain and suffering. It confused us...and we wonder. But, if Jesus is allowing it, we can trust it is for the good of those loving Him. Our assembly together today will bolster our trust in Him as he lives on the throne of the universe...and He lives on the throne of our heart. He reigns over our past, and we anticipate His coming glory. And He also reigns in our present, so we would worship to the praise of his glorious grace!!

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