'Amen' Natalie Layne Official Music Video

'Amen' Natalie Layne Official Music Video

In this very artistic music video, we see some incredible visuals and hear a sound of hope. Check out: ‘Amen' Natalie Layne official music video.

The clip starts out with an amazing light show and a young woman dressed in white at a piano. Other singers dressed in black join in singing with her.

The chorus goes:

People are helping people
Making space at the table
And I'm finding a little bit of that kindness
There's still good in the crazy world we're living in

Natalie is spreading an impactful message that there are still a lot of ways in which God is working through people that are often overlooked today. We can see the hurt and hear the hate, but there are still great reasons to “amen.” There have been a lot of difficult divisions and challenges in this world. 

It is easy to view the world from the perspective of only seeing the enemy at work. If we are not careful, the negative and the worries can bog us down to where we never see the good. Christ has overcome, and His Spirit is moving each and every day. Natalie is desiring to shed some light on the joy and the positive parts of life. She is reminding us to have hope and see the good.

We could all use a little more of the “glass half full” approach. Yes, sin exists, and pain is real, and we should be authentic in that struggle, but so often, we forget to live victoriously and joyfully each day. 

The Holy Spirit helps our cups to overflow and celebrate the good and the amazing ways the Lord is working in the midst of our mundane. This song does a great job of reminding us of that.

“Praise the Lord, my soul; all my inmost being, praise his holy name. Praise the Lord, my soul, and forget not all his benefits—” Psalm 103:1-2

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