The Seven Desires of Every Heart | Mark and Debra Laaser | Video #1 (Long Video)

In The Seven Desires of Every Heart, Mark and Debra Laaser show us how men and women, at the core of our souls, are actually more alike than different.

Using stories, Biblical references, and sound psychological principles, the Laasers explore human relationships by examining seven desires we all share: to be heard, affirmed, blessed, safe, touched, chosen, and included. Both instructive and inspirational, the book draws a straight line from what we have to what we desire - underscoring personal identity and growth, healthier ways to meet our desires, building or repairing relationships, and God's intention to satisfy all the desires of our hearts.

This book is for spouses longing to connect and communicate on a deeper level, for parents who want to be more attuned to their children, for teachers needing healthy ways to motivate students, for pastors and church leaders struggling to develop greater insight into increasingly diverse congregations, and for everyone seeking a richer and more intimate relationship with God.

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