Classic Carol Burnett Clip of Harvey Carol in Audience

Classic Carol Burnett Clip of Harvey  Carol in Audience

You have to check out this classic clip from The Carol Burnett Show where Carol and Harvey are doing a comedy skit in the audience.

“I bet the audience members weren't expecting this,” reads the caption of the YouTube video. “Sketch from season 6, episode 7 of The Carol Burnett Show.”

The skit starts off with Carol playing a wife named Zelda who is chasing her husband, George, played by Harvey, down the aisle in the theater.

She starts to make a scene when she doesn’t have a seat next to her husband, and ends up making two entire rows move over so she can be next to him. Then she starts to eat her popcorn while waiting for the show to start.

The couple start to converse and George, played by Harvey, tells his wife about the famous people he had seen earlier that day.

“I saw Harvey Corman,” he says. And the audience starts to chuckle since he is really talking about himself in the third person.

Carol’s character does not know who he is talking about and asks what he does. 

“He’s on The Carol Burnett Show! You know that big, strong, good-looking guy?”

“That’s Lyle Wagoner,” Carol says without missing a beat and the audience starts laughing.

Later in the skit, the couple realizes that they are at the wrong show. “Wait a minute, we’re in the wrong place. This is not the Sonny and Cher show,” says George/Harvey.

“Oh, you fool! You got tickets for The Carol Burnett Show. I’d rather the La Brea Tar Pits,” replies his wife and the whole theater bursts into laughter.

Many people shared online about how this classic comedy skit was very nostalgic for them.

“I loved watching this show growing up,” one person commented on YouTube after watching the video. “The chemistry the cast had was absolutely amazing.”

“Timeless classic! I saw this the day it aired!” another person wrote online.

We hope you enjoyed this funny skit and it was able to bring some joy to your day!

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