Australian Football Players Bring Water Boy Onto The Field For Victory Celebration

Australian Football Players Bring Water Boy Onto The Field For Victory Celebration

Are you thankful for the differences in those you see around you? The football team is thankful for Sam Moorfoot. The Australian football players bring this special waterboy onto the field for their victory celebration. This will be one of the most touching moments you will ever witness! 

Sam is a 29-year-old man living with Down Syndrome. He also happens to be a big fan and the water boy of the Geelong Football Club from Victoria, Australia, also known as the Cats. 

When the Cats defeated the Sydney Swans, cheers erupted on and off the field. But what happened next was absolutely stunning. Immediately after the game was over, Captain Joel Selwood found Sam in the stands and invited him on the field to take a lap of honor with the team. 

When Sam was asked about that invitation, he said, “I'm very proud of my boys to win a premiership. Joel said he wanted to get me on the ground. That was the moment of my life. What an honor."

It turns out that Joel is passionate about including individuals with differences. The captain is the Disability Inclusion ambassador for sports. Joel wanted Sam to celebrate with their team and thanked him in a special way for all of Sam’s hard work. 

The moment Sam stepped onto the field was so touching and sweet as a grin spread wide across his face! What a beautiful way to show the world what inclusion and the celebration of differences look like. I am thankful there are people like Joel in the world who are paving the way for individuals like Sam. 

Hebrews 13:16 “Don’t forget to do good and to share what you have because God is pleased with these kinds of sacrifices."

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