'Boast In The Cross' Rend Collective Acoustic Performance

Listen to this wonderful acoustic performance of ‘Boast In The Cross’ by Rend Collective.

“It’s always been the framework I’ve been leaning on, it’s stabilized my life
When I came stumbling home, it’s been tested many times, but it is standing strong
All of my pride is in the cross, it’s the anchor of my universe, my gravity
And my whole world revolves around the mystery, it’s the focus of my heart
It is the centerpiece, all of my pride is in the cross, it’s in the cross”

What a beautiful song with such an important message to share. After performing the song, Gareth and Chris of Rend Collective sat down to talk about the meaning behind ‘Boast In The Cross’ and what it means to them personally.

“I think it was a hard season to write a hymn out of in the sense that there’s kind of been a lot of scandals and difficulty propping up in the church, and so, I guess this song is kind of an exploration of how do we find something to be proud of in a time when the church can be a little bit embarrassing,” says Chris. “And the reality is that Jesus doesn’t let us down. He’s nothing to be ashamed of. He’s nothing to be embarrassed about even in our failures and the ways that we fall apart as the bride of Christ.”

He continues: “Jesus is still worth celebrating within all of that and I guess that’s kind of the tension in this song. It’s like, ‘You’ve always been that framework that I’ve been leaning on and you still are, even in the middle of big questions about the way that we actually follow You and the way that we do that as a church.’”

We hope that you enjoyed listening to this performance of ‘Boast In The Cross’ today and it was able to encourage you in some way.


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