Caretaker Sings “Amazing Grace” To Group Of Rescued Donkeys

Caretaker Sings “Amazing Grace” To Group Of Rescued Donkeys

Marengo, Ohio, is the home of one cuddling caretaker who sings “Amazing Grace” to a group of rescued donkeys! 

Meet Dean Fagan. He and his wife Dawn own a 67-acre donkey sanctuary, where they love and love on several miniature donkeys, including Ivy, Mr. Donker Donks, and Riley, among others that have lived on their farm in the years since they began rescuing.  

Watch as Dean serenades one of the herd, the donkey nuzzling up close to his neck. Three others surround Dean, too, as he sits straddling a large piece of corrugated pipe. 

The setting is beautiful. Mature trees, wood fencing, a red outbuilding, and a lovely home surround the pasture where Dean and his donkeys are chillin’. However, it’s not the vista the burros care about; they’re all about the patting, the petting, and the music!

Two other mokes hang out by the fence, and all of the gang must feel like they’re in Heaven! Dean sings one of the most popular hymns that has ever been lifted Heavenward, but he doesn’t get the lyrics just right. No matter! The words aren’t nearly as important as the warmth Dean shows his donkeys as he sings.

Drew sings lots of songs for his four-legged friends. Among them is a tune once recorded by Burt Bacharach and “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” Dean and Dawn’s donkeys couldn’t be more content!      

When the Fagan kids grew up and left home, Dean and Dawn decided to try something new. Not quite ready for retirement and with the flexibility to work from home as recruiters for advertising executives, they decided to rescue their first donkey. 

Dean told ABC6 in 2018, “It just brings so much pleasure to Dawn and I. Our offices overlook the pasture where the donkeys are… We enjoy being around them and listening to them and seeing them run and play.” 

Good for you, Dean and Dawn, for figuring out a way to give and receive love every day! You make the world a better place! 

“Now this I know: The Lord gives victory to his anointed. He answers him from his heavenly sanctuary with the victorious power of his right hand.” Psalms 20:6

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