'Tho' Autumn's Coming On' Live Worship From Bill Gaither

'Tho' Autumn's Coming On' Live Worship From Bill Gaither

Listen to this beautiful performance of the song 'Tho' Autumn's Coming On' from Bill Gaither.

“Through changing seasons, we've shared life's little days, still in love
Tho' autumn's coming on, it seems unreal, our souvenirs still look so new
We reminisce and must confess that this is true, we sang lullabies to babies cries
In the springtime, oh, how the time seemed to fly, we had scarcely put the crib away
When, like magic, we looked up the aisle, and beheld a lovely bride”

What a wonderful and heartwarming song about the love story of Bill and Gloria Gaither. The lyrics tell of their life and how they have seen the years pass by together while still very much in love.

Bill is singing 'Tho' Autumn's Coming On' at the piano with his wife by his side. The two look lovingly at each other while pictures of their life pass by on the screen. The pictures show their wedding day, the years when they were raising their babies, and then moments with their grown children and grandchildren.

As Bill is performing this song live at the Gaither Studios in Alexandria, IN, a handful of people are surrounding the couple at the piano and looking fondly at them and their legacy. Many even have tears in their eyes.

Many people online also shared how touching it was to watch the video of this performance.

“Oh so beautiful, this is a union that was meant to be,” writes one person online. “They were meant for each other. The Lord is with them and I pray that his ministry along with all the Gaither friends and singers continue to bless our hearts. God bless Bill and Gloria, you both have done a good job.”

“Beautiful Bill, it brought tears to my eyes,” comments another person on YouTube. “May God continue to bless you both. Thank you for sharing.”

What an incredible couple! God bless Bill and Gloria Gaither and their ministry.

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