Uncle Goes Viral With Truth About Taking A Toddler To Disney World

Uncle Goes Viral With Truth About Taking A Toddler To Disney World

This video is something every parent can relate to! An uncle goes viral with the truth about taking a toddler to Disney World. 

Now, if you’ve been blessed to go to the magical world of Disney with your kids, you know how utterly exhausting it can be. There are schedules, traveling, packing, making sure there are snacks, an extra pair of clothes, and planning how to storm the parks in order to hit every single movie character or ride. 

But taking a toddler amps this situation up to a whole new level!

Parents on the internet are absolutely dying over this video. A TikToker by the name of Phil recently posted a video of himself holding his toddler niece, Mayliah, who is sound asleep in his arms. He says, “My respect for parents just went up a few levels! 

I may not be a parent yet, but I have a niece, and she was my plus-one while we toured the parks. We had a 6 am flight from Milwaukee to Charlotte and then on to Orlando. 

Maliah was so excited to see Cinderella’s Castle that she talked about this moment for weeks. Finally, the time arrived, and I’m not even sure she will remember anything, but it was great!"

As if that isn’t ironically hilarious enough, Phil tries to awaken the sleeping princess so she can see Cinderella’s Castle in all of its magical glory. She rouses for a moment or two before falling back to sleep. She is not impressed. 

Phil is impressed she can sleep through all the noise around her, and he’s shocked she doesn’t really seem to care. Apparently, sleep is more important than the castle, or perhaps she’s dreaming of it too. If you can relate, feel free to share!


Have you ever took a toddler to disney?

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