'The Praise Is Yours' Matt Redman Official Music Video

'The Praise Is Yours' Matt Redman Official Music Video

Worship our King as contemporary Christian artist Matt Redman performs his latest single, ‘The Praise Is Yours.’

“All in all, self-sufficient
So high above  but never distant 
Made for Your love, fashioned from dust 
You gave us breath and it was good”

Matt Redman has been a staple in the Christian music scene for decades. Over the years, he has given us beloved hits such as “Bless The Lord (10,000 Reasons)” and “Gracefully Broken.” And “Bless The Lord (10,000 Reasons)” even went on to win 2 Grammy awards and multiple Dove awards.

Today, he’s leading us in worship with the inspiring words of ‘The Praise Is Yours.’ Just listen as he belts out these incredible words live from The Mission.

“All the glory and honor
Blessing and power
Because Your name alone is worthy, worthy forever
The praise is Yours”

On Instagram, Matt remarked that most worship songs are about the current God we serve. And while those are amazing songs to sing, we should also be praising all that God has done, past and present. “There’s a call to take people into the wider story - and to worship not just the God of today, but the God of yesterday, today and forever.”

What a beautiful way to give praise to His Holy Name and let the whole world know that our King is alive and well!

Judges 5:3 “Hear, O you kings; give ear, O you princes; I, even I, will sing to the LORD; I will sing praise to the LORD God of Israel.”

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