How to Control Anger & Anxiety

How to Control Anger & Anxiety

Anger is a normal emotional response to life's challenges. Anxiety occurs when our emotional response is extreme or irrational.

So what happens when you feel angry? For example, you might feel angry at your boss for not ensuring your work gets done, angry at your spouse for not doing laundry as you asked, or angry at your kids for being picky eaters. It is natural to be angry in some situations, but people tend to overreact when they are angry. When we overreact, it can lead to problems with our moods, health, relationships, and society.

Anger and anxiety often manifest themselves as physical symptoms and emotions, including:

You might feel agitated or agitated when you're angry.
When anxious, you might feel worried or anxious.
Feel shaky or shaky
Feel tense
Heart rate may increase
Blood pressure may increase
Experience increased urination

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