'Long Time Coming' David Phelps Official Music Video

'Long Time Coming' David Phelps Official Music Video

Check out this music video of David Phelps performing ‘Long Time Coming.’

“Will somebody please tell me how did I end up in this crazy place?
There must be something wrong with this mirror 'cause I don't recognize my own face
Well I guess I'm just a modern day prodigal son, but You're looking at me like I'm a chosen one
With Your arms open wide, now I've lost all my pride and I'm yours, I'm yours”

What a wonderful performance of this great song! The video excerpt was taken from the live concert filming of No More Night: David Phelps Live! in Birmingham, and it was filmed at the Alabama Theatre.

“What a joy! Lyrics, team vocals, the band and the location worked together,” writes one person on YouTube after watching the music video. “Good one!”

“Gifted is not the word I'm looking for. Perhaps chosen and anointed would be better. Wow!” comments another person, in awe of the musical talents of David Phelps.

When it comes to his music, David Phelps shared his thoughts about what he hopes his music brings to others.

“For me, music is a vehicle,” he said. “Though that vehicle can be wonderful in and of itself, I find it is best suited as transportation for a message. And every message is wrapped in emotion—passion, anger, resolve, revenge, hope, need—take your pick. Early on I was drawn to the emotional connection that I was able to make with listeners. There is power and responsibility in that. So, I’ve decided that if I can leave my audience more hopeful than before the song began, then that is my goal. If a song can inspire, sign me up!”

We hope that this performance of ‘Long Time Coming’ by David Phelps has left you feeling hopeful and encouraged!

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