Bluegrass Band Performs 'Thunderstruck' On Banjos

Bluegrass Band Performs 'Thunderstruck' On Banjos

Hear ‘Thunderstruck’ like never before as Southern Raised performs this iconic song with banjos. 

This popular tune was released by AC/DC in 1990. Decades later, this single has truly stood the test of time and become a hard rock classic.

Siblings Lindsay, Emily and Matt plus their friend Alex, make up the Southern Raised Bluegrass band. The group was raised in the Ozark Mountains and they have blended their traditional music upbringing with multiple genres and their deep-rooted faith. For years, they’ve entertained us with popular covers of songs such as ‘What A Day That Will Be’ and ‘Shenandoah.’

The group describes themselves as creating a ‘Southern Raised trademark sound where classical meets bluegrass and city streets meets country roads. SR has morphed a progressive sound that spans Christian Country/ Bluegrass, Celtic and Classical.’

Today, they are putting a completely unique spin on ‘Thunderstruck’ by playing it with banjos. As the video starts, the screen reminds us that there were no instruments harmed in the process of making this video. And after watching the epic performance, you’ll understand what they mean.

Already, this incredible cover is getting comments from all around the world. One viewer said, “Excellent musicianship! This really showcases the depth of your talent in a wide variety of genres. It looked like it was a lot of fun to make...but then again you always look like you enjoy using your gifts.”

Another wrote, “I love listening to several types of music! I've never heard "thunderstruck" like this, but I like it!”

You never know what you’re going to get from this bluegrass band and this is certainly a cover you don’t want to miss.

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