'Best Days' Sarah Reeves Official Music Video

'Best Days' Sarah Reeves Official Music Video

Check out the official music video for the new song ‘Best Days’ by Sarah Reeves.

“You think that it's your last dance, usin' up all of the strength you have left
You're askin' for one more chance, but I know the future gives more than that
Just wait for the peace after the storm, it might be the key that opens the door, I'm asking
What if the best days are ahead of us? What if the heartbreaks only lead to love?
I know you feel lost and like you've had enough, but what if the best days are ahead of us?”

What a beautiful and uplifting song! For more than a decade, Sarah Reeves has been using her talents to write songs for other artists as well as TV and film. According to her YouTube page, “her music has appeared in recent promos for ‘American Idol’ and UFC, and on television series across major networks like ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX and Netflix, among others.”

Sarah shares a bit about what went into her optimistic song ‘Best Days.’

"When we wrote this song I said, `I want to write a positive, hopeful anthem that the whole world can sing.' But in reality, I was writing this song to myself in the midst of a really hard personal season,” she shared. "There have been many days lately where I've wanted to give up. There have been moments where I think my best days are behind me. I'm so thankful to be able to make music for a living for as long as I have (13 years now). But I'm surrounded with negativity and fear as the music industry is changing and the art is getting lost in algorithms.”

She continued: “As I've grown, I've become a bit jaded and tired. I needed to infuse my heart with hope and wonder again. I needed to dig deep and find that inner strength that I didn't even know was there. I hope and pray that as I was encouraging myself, this speaks to your soul and lights a fire under you if you're feeling discouraged or disappointed. It's a simple concept but powerful ---- as long as you've got breath in your lungs, this could be what dreams are made of. So I ask you...What if the best days are ahead of us?!"

We hope that you enjoyed listening to ‘Best Days’ by Sarah Reeves today!

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