Birthday Boy Bursts Into Tears When Parents Surprise Him With A Dog

Birthday Boy Bursts Into Tears When Parents Surprise Him With A Dog

Try keeping dry eyes as you watch this birthday boy burst into tears when his parents surprise him with a dog! 

How many parents have struggled over finding just the right gift for their kids’ birthdays? Sometimes, kids have everything they want or need. Or, maybe, what they want doesn’t match up with what they should have. 

Occasionally, it feels like the gift isn’t received well or appreciated. However, none of those situations apply in this truly heartwarming video!

Watch as this young man receives a gift he’s been hoping for since he was three years old!

The blond, beaming boy is turning 12, and Mom videos as he opens a package at the kitchen counter. He pulls an item from the gift wrap, and it’s Stranger Things licensed merchandise. 

He doesn’t seem to know exactly what the object is, but he’s evidently a fan of the show, so it’s all good. Mom asks him what he’s got, as moms sometimes do even when they know exactly what’s there. He finds a second item. This one is a cushy, orange stuffed basketball, and he tells his mom that the two gifts are dog toys.

He is still smiling and behaving as sweetly and politely as a parent could imagine or hope! This tween is a gem! Mom apologizes, pretending that she had no idea she’d purchased dog toys for her boy. But then, she comes clean, saying that she guesses he now needs a dog!

In the meantime, Dad has come up from behind with a precious puppy swaddled in a blanket. With Mom’s words, the amazing kiddo has figured out what’s going on and discovered Dad with the gift he’s been wanting for nine years! The next few moments are major tear-jerkers!

In complete shock, the boy backs up, grabs his shirt, rubs his head, and announces that he’s gonna cry. That he does! He is beside himself. Mom encourages her son to go say “hi” to his new puppy, and soon he is petting the head of his furry, black friend!

What a respectful and appreciative young man he is! The captions indicate that Mom and Dad are proud of their son, as well they should be. This is one very special kid, and that is one lucky dog!   

“Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it.” Proverbs 22:6

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