2 Babies In The Store Are Stunned By Music-Playing Halloween Decorations

2 Babies In The Store Are Stunned By Music-Playing Halloween Decorations

These two wide-eyed babies are stunned by the music-playing Halloween decorations they spied in a store while on a recent shopping trip. While the lack of tears would indicate they aren’t feeling traumatized or terrorized, these spell-bound twins are definitely transfixed!

Isn’t it cool how little ones just notice it all? They take in everything, which is both wondrous and frightening for us parents. These sweet guys are overwhelmed by all that’s going on in this Costco holiday display! Check out this short but oh-so-sweet TikTok video!  

There’s a lot to experience for these matching littles! Nestled somewhere amidst hardware and building supplies, the skeletal duo has captured the attention of the twins, who are trapped safely in their shopping cart seats. 

The plaid-wearin’ and banjo-pickin’ skeletons give quite a concert, and their flashing, red eyes and freaky head movements really make the show! The babies don’t know what to think, but wouldn’t we love to know what’s going through their little minds! 

The denim-clad cherub blinks only once, and the bibbed and presumably messier baby holds his mouth agape as he studies the strumming skeletons!

Many a mischievous momma, while shopping for Halloween costumes, has probably been unable to resist the urge to slap on a mask and trick their youngsters. Right? Most have gleefully turned goblin in the aisles for a bit of fun. Right? 

Perhaps even a few have received disapproving looks from fellow shoppers when the devilish fun went too far and ended in tears. In this case, though, these bony banjo players are all in good fun!

This is just the beginning for these two. No doubt their parents are going to have a great time watching them experience many amazing things as they grow. Hopefully, those incredible discoveries will nourish and bless these children. And, when they don’t, hopefully, there will be a village of faithful folks to help guide them safely forward!

For a bit more fun, check out the comments below the video!

“Everyone was filled with awe at the many wonders and signs performed by the apostles.” Acts 2:43

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