Stunning Performance Of 'Way Maker' In 3 Different Languages

Stunning Performance Of 'Way Maker' In 3 Different Languages

Hear the inspiring words of ‘Way Maker’ like never before as this group of performers sings in 3 different languages.

This powerful song was originally recorded by Nigerian gospel singer, Sinach. Many other artists have covered the song, including contemporary Christian artist Michael W. Smith. His version of ‘Way Maker’ helped propel the song to the top of the charts and give it widespread recognition.

The touching words remind us all that there is hope in the name of the Lord.

“You are
Way maker, miracle worker, promise keeper
Light in the darkness, my God
That is who You are”

Today, a talented group called One For Israel is performing this modern day classic in 3 different languages. Rebekah Wagner, Joshua Aaron, Nizar Francis and Shilo Ben Hod and more join their voices together to sing in Hebrew, Arabic and English.

Just listen as they come together to worship our Lord in such a beautiful way.

“You are here, touching every heart
I worship You, I worship You
You are here, healing every heart
I worship You, Jesus, I worship, you turning lives around”

This powerful song is touching hearts all over the world. One listener said, “You’re proving once again that music is the universal language.”

Another wrote, “Wow I felt the presence of God while listening to this.”

Acts 3:16 “And his name through faith in his name has made this man strong, whom you see and know: yes, the faith which is by him has given him this perfect soundness in the presence of you all.”

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