Debbii Dawson Has 'Star Quality' With Unique Rendition Of 'Dancing Queen' On AGT

Debbii Dawson Has 'Star Quality' With Unique Rendition Of 'Dancing Queen' On AGT

In this video, Debbii Dawson has “Star Quality” with her unique rendition of “Dancing Queen” on AGT.

At the start of this audition, Debbii is told that she looks very confident and she humorously responds, “really, I’m so nervous.” The audience laughs. 

The judges ask her where she is from, and she says that she lives there in LA. Debbii shares that music is more than a hobby. It is her legacy. She says that her grandfather taught himself to play the organ with charcoal on the ground and draw it out so he could play, and the music was passed on to her father and now her. 

One judge questions why her parents are not here. They ask her what the dream is, and she says it is for this to no longer be a dream but a reality. 

Debbii has such a special talent. She combines her Indian background with a pop song, and it is so intriguing. Her voice is very sweet and beautiful. Her voice is so intriguing, and she completely recreates the song into her own. The judges and audience stand and cheer. 

They tell her that she has a sweet and soothing voice and she has star quality. They celebrate her voice and how they love listening to her. They compliment her on taking such a well-known song and creating it to her own version. 

They ask if she was going to phone her parents and if they could call them with her. She excitedly says, “yeah!” The judges tell the parents how amazing their daughter did, and they ask why they were not there. 

Her dad says, “Because she told me not to come!” Everyone looks shocked and points at Debbii! They joke with Debbii about her not telling them that. 

Debbii’s audition reminds us to step into ourselves and learn who God made us to be. He has created us individually, and we have the gift of being grateful daily for our unique lives.

“I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well.” Psalm 139:14

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