3 Sisters Sing Stunning Bluegrass Rendition Of 'House Of Gold'

3 Sisters Sing Stunning Bluegrass Rendition Of 'House Of Gold'

Have you heard of the Wagler Sisters? If not, then you’re in for a treat. I imagine you’ll be humming this song all day long after you hear this incredible performance. These three sisters sing a stunning bluegrass rendition of ‘House Of Gold’ that was originally performed by Hank Willams. 

Written in the 1950s, it has been a country classic that talks about how we can only find salvation in God versus the broken who cheat, steal, and lie to fill that deep hole that’s inside our souls. 

Don’t worry, while the description of the song sounds like doom and gloom, the song is a truly hauntingly, touching, and beautiful melody–especially when the Waglers sing it ‘bluegrass’ style. You can’t help but listen to it over and over. 

The video opens with a young gentleman strumming a version of a bajno that gives it an echo-type quality. Then a guitar and violin join in to create a catchy off-beat tune. But the best part is when the main singer of the group sings several different octaves. 

While the Wagler sisters don’t say much about who they are as a band, they have over 500,000 subscribers. And this song is no different. After it was posted online, the video quickly went viral with over 24,000 views and several dozen comments. 

One viewer sums up what we’re thinking when we hear it for the first time. She wrote, “Love her strong voice, perfect for this song. You gals are incredible. Harmony is always perfect. The boys are an added bonus. Keep this up. I'm always anticipating your next video. You never disappoint.” 

She certainly sounds like a dedicated fan, and we couldn’t agree more about how beautiful the harmony is. 

Another viewer that was captivated by the song wrote, “I want to encourage y’all to continue doing these old gospel songs. It really met a need in my heart last night. I absolutely love your music. God bless.” Can you imagine worship at church including this song? I imagine none of us would want worship time to end.

But there was one critic; he added, “That was absolutely awesome! My favorite Hank Williams hymn, and y'all covered it beautifully. My only complaint, just lower that mic a bit so we may see the face of the pretty lady behind it. Thank y'all again for posting this, made my night!” 

We definitely agree we’d love to see her face too, but I’m betting she was focused on nailing the high notes of this beautiful song. We hope this video gave you some beautiful encouragement today. It certainly reminded me that our salvation in the Lord is precious and worth more than all the gold in this world. 

Psalms 19:10 “They are more precious than gold, than pure gold; they are sweeter than honey than honey from the honeycomb.”

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