'Tennessee Christmas' The Gaither Vocal Band Live Performance

'Tennessee Christmas' The Gaither Vocal Band Live Performance

Watch this live performance from The Gaither Vocal Band of the song ‘Tennessee Christmas’ to get you in the holiday spirit!

“Come on weatherman, give us a forecast snowy white, can't you hear the prayers
Of every childlike heart tonight? Rockies are calling, Denver snow falling
Somebody said it's four feet deep, but it doesn't matter, give me the laughter
I'm gonna choose to keep another tender Tennessee Christmas, the only Christmas for me
Where the love circles around us like the gifts around our tree
Well, I know there's more snow up in Colorado than my roof will ever see
But a tender Tennessee Christmas is the only Christmas for me”
What a lovely song, and The Gaither Vocal Band does a wonderful rendition of it!

“Beautiful and brilliant. Indeed a special trio and accompaniment reminding us to be still and soak in the beauty and majesty of the Christmas Story,” comments one person on YouTube after watching the music video.

“One of my all time favorites,” writes another person online. “All those childhood memories come gushing through. Thank you, Gaither Vocal Band!”

This holiday song was originally written by Amy Grant, and she shared about the car ride that inspired the lyrics to ‘Tennessee Christmas.’

“I wrote ‘Tennessee Christmas’ with Gary Chapman,” Amy said. “We were newlyweds. It was a long time ago. We wrote that the summer of 1983. We were driving south on Hillsboro Road out of Nashville toward Franklin. And I knew I was about to make a Christmas record. It was a full moon, and the way the moon was shining on the hills, it looked like snow.”

She continued: “We just started singing, without an instrument, the ideas for ‘Tennessee Christmas.’ We actually wrote the entire song in the car, on that drive.”

We hope you enjoyed listening to this special holiday tune today!

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