'An Angelic Christmas' Faith-Based Movie Film Angel's Journey To Earn Her Wings

'An Angelic Christmas' Faith-Based Movie Film Angel's Journey To Earn Her Wings

Are you ready for a movie that brings faith, family, and community together while teaching about the meaning of forgiveness? Don’t walk. Run to this movie. It looks absolutely incredible. ‘An Angelic Christmas” is a faith-based movie about an angel’s journey to earth to earn her wings. 

The film ‘An Angelic Christmas’ is a Pure Flix 2022 original on faith, forgiveness, and helping others. The cast also includes Cameron Arnett, Alicia Fusting, and Candace Kirkpatrick. 

So, here’s the plot; Celest, starring Karen Abercrombie, is sent to earth because she desperately wants to earn her angel wings. She longs to look like the angels she sees in heaven and the Christmas tree toppers she sees on earth. But in order to earn her wings, she needs to help an entire town learn to forgive. 

But the last thing she wants to do is babysit a couple of little girls while being an angel tree-topper in disguise. 

But Celest doesn’t back down from her assignment. She sets in for the long haul hoping she will make angel-grade status by Christmas eve. Celest soon learns a tragedy struck a small town, and since then, a cloud of gloom and decision has settled over the little town. 

In an effort to bring joy to the community, she brainstorms different ways to spread kindness, love, and joy through efforts like painting faith-filled messages on rocks, baking cookies, and more. The trailer reveals there will be mayhem, mischief, and adversity, all in the name of spreading kindness and uplifting heavy hearts. 

But there seems to be a plot twist at the end. Instead of just gaining her angel wings–it seems as though Celest may receive something more than she ever imagined–the honor of becoming a guardian angel of an entire family!

From the looks of the trailer, Pure Flix did it again–another great family film that teaches the meaning of Christmas with good, solid family values. Will Celest become an angel with wings or a guardian angel? We won’t know until the movie releases on November 18th!

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