Cher And Carol Burnett Sing A Medley Of Hits

Two legendary entertainers joined forces and performed a beautiful and hilarious medley of hits. 

Cher and Carol Burnett are both massively talented, who have, for decades, blessed audiences with their voices, dance moves and skill in the comedic arts. Both women have received accolades and praise from audiences and critics throughout their storied careers.

A clip posted to YouTube, that comes from The Cher Show, has the two women teaming up to wow audiences yet again. In the clip from 1975, the legendary entertainers sing, dance, wear a number of outrageous costumes and even pretend to play several instruments. 

The skit begins with the two women in similar long, black evening dresses that reach the floor, singing and moving in sync. A quick dissolve and Carol and Cher are dressed as babies, complete with bonnets and frilly pink dresses.

In the next scene, the women have once again changed outfits. They don matching pink- and silver-colored dresses as they sing and pretend to play the flute, saxophone, drums and harmonica. 

Then, in the next scene, with an American flag in the background, Carol and Cher sing “The G.I. Jive,” while standing in a Jeep. Seconds later and they get a “bomb” dropped on them. As a result, their once-white colored outfits are left tattered and torn.

In the clip’s last segment, the two women wear bright, opulent dresses while they sing and descend a long flight of stairs covered in red carpet. 

In addition to “The G.I. Jive,” the two also sing “I’m Following You” and “Lonely at The Top,” according to the video’s description. 

In the clip, both women stretch themselves artistically. Carol is best known for the hundreds of laugh-out-loud skits on the beloved The Carol Burnett Show. However, she shows that she is more than capable of just being hysterically funny. Carol, while not well-known for her singing ability, shows that she can hold her own, even against some as iconic as Cher. 

Similarly, Cher, who has done some acting here and there over the years, is best known for her beloved songs such as “I Got You Babe,” “Gypsies, Tramps & Thieves” and “Believe.” She has some comedic chops and delivers the funny.

Carol and Cher are terrific entertainers who are masters of their craft.

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Source: Cher

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