Singer's “Jolene” Cover Responds To Dolly Parton From Jolene's Perspective

Singer's “Jolene” Cover Responds To Dolly Parton From Jolene's Perspective

It seems long overdue, and finally, a singer has provided a “Jolene” cover that responds to Dolly Parton’s hit song from Jolene’s perspective. Even if you’re not interested in what she’s got to say, give her a chance!

For all who love Dolly Parton and her ballad about her cheatin’ man, and for all those who hate that hussy Jolene, here’s a song that might make you feel a smidge of compassion for the auburn-haired, green-eyed gal that threatened Dolly’s marriage all those years ago. 

Dolly Parton has addressed questions over the years about the story behind “Jolene.” Did she exist? Was it serious? Just how much of a scoundrel is her husband? Well, according to Far Out Magazine, there was a woman at the bank who had a crush on Carl Dean, and she flirted with him. And, he enjoyed it more than he should have. 

But, it seems that’s as far as it went. The rest is fiction, and the beauty described in the song was inspired by a young fan at a concert. She’d asked Dolly for an autograph; her name was Jolene.

Truth or not, many have had it out for Jolene. Listen to what she has to say on the matter.

Iluka, as Jolene, starts out by “begging” Dolly to “drop that cheatin’ man.” Jolene knows that she’s taken the blame for a long time. She understands that folks think she put a spell on Dolly’s husband and that he is nearly incapable of resisting her charms. 

But, Jolene says that is not the case. She alleges that Dolly’s husband was easily “seduced” and he made his own choices!

Jolene then reminds Dolly what a gorgeous Tennessee “queen” she is. She again begs Dolly to drop him, because she deserves so much better.

The next verse is even more enlightening. Dolly’s cheatin’ man had taken off his wedding ring, and Jolene had no idea he was spoken for. Furthermore, though he may be talking about Jolene in his sleep, she says he was nothing more than a shot of “dopamine” for her. Jolene expresses her best for Dolly, assuring her that she can find someone who loves her like the rest of the world!

The lyrics are very clever! And, they do provide another perspective, sung beautifully.  

Iluka’s blond version of Jolene certainly looks like a potential threat, but, in the end, she may be Dolly’s ally. When not channeling Jolene, Iluka is an Australian singer and songwriter. 

Her YouTube page describes Iluka this way: “A magnetic, charismatic character from childhood, ILUKA relished in the ability to inhabit characters and explore, through her imagination, the worlds present in the minds of the various eccentric characters she created.” 

That sounds just about right!   

“But the man who commits adultery is an utter fool, for he destroys himself.” Proverbs 6:32 

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