'Peter Pan And Wendy' Official Trailer For Re-Imagined Disney Classic

'Peter Pan And Wendy' Official Trailer For Re-Imagined Disney Classic

It’s off to Neverland again with the Darling siblings and adventures with the Lost Boys. 

The ‘Peter Pan and Wendy’ official trailer is out for the reimagined Disney classic. It looks like Wendy is going to need a whole lot more than ‘faith, trust, and pixie dust’ on her next adventure to Neverland. 

The film is set to release on April 28th only on Disney+. Mark it on your calendars, get your favorite snacks, and cuddle up with the kids. This will be one film you don’t want to miss. It doesn’t matter if you’re five, 55, or 105 because we’re all children at heart. 

The adventures of Peter Pan, Tinker Bell, and Wendy are near and dear to our hearts as a beloved childhood classic. I’m sure you played dress up at Tinker Bell as much as I did and had Peter Pan adventures in your own backyard while climbing trees and bossing the Lost Boys around with sticks for swords. 

The film is directed by David Lowery and follows both Darling siblings to Neverland, where Wendy encounters the evil pirate caption Hook, played by Jude Law, with Ever Anderson as Wendy and Alexander Molony as Peter Pan. 

David Lowery wanted to find a creative way to honor the book written by J.M. Berrie in 1911. Prior to the book being published, the world was first introduced to Peter Pan and Wendy in 1904 as a play. 

Later, Disney would go on to pick up the book and release an animated film in 1953. Peter Pan, Wendy, the Lost Boys, and Tinker Bell have been a part of our childhood ever since. 

Who’s ready to find out if the old crocodile is still on the prowl and whether or not Tinker Bell needs to help Peter stay out of trouble? Watch the movie trailer below and mark your calendars. 

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