Man Dodges Traffic to Help Driver in Danger

Politicians and athletes are often not heroic at all. While some may refer to them as such, they are either playing a kids’ game or simply voting for or against specific legislation. Real heroes put themselves in physical danger to help someone else. One man qualifies as a hero following his recent actions. 

Adolfo Molina acted after he noticed a small blue car driving erratically. The vehicle in question had “lost control and was driving up against the guardrail” on a busy Massachusetts interstate, according to 

Video of Adolfo’s heroism shows him climbing out of his vehicle and then sprinting across multiple lanes of traffic in order to reach the blue car. Once he reached the car, he saw the female driver unconscious. Her head was bouncing up against the window. 

The video shows Adolfo running alongside the car as he periodically tries to pull open the passenger door. Unfortunately, the door was locked. But thanks to the help of another fellow motorist, Adolfo was able to get the vehicle stopped. 

While it was a dangerous and risky move to sprint across a busy interstate and run next to a moving car, Adolfo does not have regrets.

“If it was presented to me 10,000 more times, I would still do it,” Adolfo said, according to an English translation from NBC News.

The Lord’s hand of protection was upon Adolfo, and he agrees.

“It was something like God protected me in that moment,” Adolfo said, according to an English translation from NBC News.  

Others commenting on the video praised Adolfo for his courageous act.

“What a hero he is so special not many people would risk their lives like that,” one person wrote.

“My gosh complete respect for this man! What an extraordinarily good man and hero!” a second person posted in response to the video. 

John 15:13 “Greater love has no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.”

Source: NBC News

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