Comedian Jordan Conley Gives Shout Out to Parents and His Lack of Toughness

Comedian Jordan Conley Gives Shout Out to Parents and His Lack of Toughness

For stand-up comedians, their lives usually provide them with plenty of material for their acts. Some will use experiences in romantic relationships, a job they either hated or loved and their time as a child. One stand-up comedian used his life growing up, specifically his parents, for laughs.

Jordan Conley talked about some specific instances with his parents, including his father’s desire for him to enter the military and why, due to his lack of toughness, it would have never worked. 

Jordan begins his set by talking about his parents,who are in the front row. He tells the audience why his parents are the toughest people he has ever met and why he doesn’t come close to measuring up.

“I want to be a tougher person, nothing about me is,” Jordan said. “But it’s awkward because everything about my family upbringing says I should be one of the most courageous people. My parents are some of the most courageous people in the world. They are Marines. They met in the Marine Corps.”

Jordan explains how he does not have the toughness required to make it in the military.

“I want to be tougher, is what I’m saying. Like, that’s never been me, you know what I mean?” he said. “And that’s why I can’t join the military. I feel like if you’re going to join the Marines or the military, you have to be willing to take secrets to the grave.”

He goes on to hilariously explain how his lack of toughness would work out if he were to join the armed forces.

“If I’m captured and I become a prisoner of war, I’m telling my secrets, your secrets and Victoria’s Secrets,” Jordan said. “I’m telling it all.”

Check out the entire clip about Jordan’s parents and his lack of toughness! 

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