Cat Drags Microwave Oven Across Counter

Cat Drags Microwave Oven Across Counter

We are officially one step closer to uncovering the feline plot of world domination thanks to one cat who drags a microwave oven across the counter. Bentley, a Himalayan cat, absolutely loves food. He was a homeless cat who found a home with four other cats. Apparently, he wasn’t trained in food etiquette or keeping classified secrets.

His parents wrote on Facebook, “Bentley is a 4-year-old Himalayan who we worked with a local rescue to rescue from the streets. Through Facebook, we confirmed he has no owner so we stepped in. After already having four cats, we thought, 'What’s one more?' Bentley is the sweetest cat but has a strong affinity for finding food, probably due to his time surviving outside.”

America’s favorite food turned out to be Bentley’s weakness. It was his affinity for pizza when his parents discovered his murder mittens were actually thumbs. That was when his family realized they needed to do something to keep him out of the microwave. 

“He once got pizza out of our microwave, and that is when we learned he could open it. We didn’t want to have to buy a new one since we just got that one, so we put a child lock on it. Needless to say, he wasn’t happy about that and was determined to get the microwave open,” they said.

Once Bentley smells the delicious flavors wafting through the air, he can’t help but head toward the microwave. But all cats have been sworn to keep their talents a secret–including opening microwaves. If we know they can open microwaves, what will they reveal next? Maybe Bentley wasn’t told he was supposed to reveal the secrets to world cat domination, but now we have footage!

In this hilarious and adorable video, Bentley discovers his parents put a child safety lock on the microwave to prevent him from sneaking any delectable treats—and he’s not about to let it stop him, or so he thinks. In his attempt to get his favorite snack, he learns he can no longer get tasty treats. Determined, he tries his best to pop the door open. Only he manages to drag the microwave across the counter while being caught on camera. 

Sorry Bentley, we all now know your secrets–we hope the child safety lock keeps you safe. And perhaps child safety locks everywhere will prevent world cat domination. Isn’t he just the cutest?

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