Young Musical Prodigy with Autism Surprised with Piano of His Own

You have to watch this young musical prodigy with autism excitedly play the piano that he was surprised with from a generous donor. This young kid is so talented!

It all started back in September 2022 when Jude Koife’s story went viral. Jude lives in Aurora, Colorado, and the 11-year-old’s parents had found him playing beautifully on an old keyboard in their basement. But he had never received piano lessons before!

That’s when Bill Magnusson, a piano tuner, heard about Jude’s story. And he decided to use some of his father’s inheritance to buy a grand piano for Jude to have! What a generous gift!

In the video that Isaiah Kofie, Jude’s father, shared online, you can see Bill testing out the $15,000 grand piano after he finished tuning it in the Kofie family’s home. Then Jude is able to get his hands on the new piano and make such beautiful music.

“After I play this, then you can play the piano, okay?” Bill says to Jude. “Okay! I’ll just watch,” Jude responds before taking a turn at the keys. You can tell that he is very excited to get a chance to play the incredible piano. What an amazing gift for this musical boy to receive!

The video then shows the grand piano from different angles, and you can also see Bill’s tuning instruments on the ground.

“After Bill was done tuning the grand piano, it was time for us to try our hands on it. It was superb,” Isaiah Kofie shared online.

Bill also shared that the young musical prodigy deserved the best and Jude’s talent was “Mozart level.”

As Jude is playing on the grand piano, you can just feel the joy that he has! This is one gift that will impact him for the rest of his life. God bless Bill Magnusson for his generous heart and blessing Jude and his family.

Source: Storyful Viral

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