'We Will Rise' Emotional Audition from Ndlovu Youth Choir on AGT

'We Will Rise' Emotional Audition from Ndlovu Youth Choir on AGT

Check out this wonderful video of a South African singing group called Ndlovu Youth Choir performing an emotional audition of their original song ‘We Will Rise’ on AGT.

This choir from Limpopo, South Africa is just incredible! They were a Top 10 finalist on America’s Got Talent Season 14. And before their performance, we learn from judge Howie that they are his favorite choir out of all the choirs that have ever been on AGT.

At the beginning of this video, we learn all that Ndlovu Youth Choir members had to overcome to get to where they are now.

“We are so excited to be here. We just wanted this chance, and now we’ve got it. We are back!” says one of the male members of the choir. “Before the audition, life was really hard. We were collecting water using wheelbarrows, you know, when we went to fetch water.”

Now life has changed for many of the choir members. “Some of us have been able to support our families, and you know, getting electricity. We now have running water,” says the choir member. “We are excited to be on AGT All-Stars. We want to show the whole world that anything is possible.” 

One of the women in the choir also shared some of her thoughts before their performance. “Well coming into this competition, we have a whole lot of weight on our shoulders, mostly because we are representing Africa as a whole….I’ll say the message that we always try to transcend is that, you can overcome your obstacles, your problems. It should never define you. It should never.”

The original song the Ndlovu Youth Choir performs on AGT is called ‘We Will Rise’ and it is about “the resilience of the human spirit.”

They start singing their inspirational song and immediately the audience is loving it! Such a wonderful and powerful performance, full of so much beauty and energy. They sound incredible, and their performance will give you goosebumps for how amazing it is!

We hope that you enjoyed this stunning performance and it was able to bring you some encouragement and joy today!

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