Smart Cat Gets Ice Cube Treats for Doggie Friends

Check out this smart cat as she gets ice cube treats for her doggie friends! This sweet kitty definitely goes the extra mile for her bigger furry friends!

Cats kinda have a reputation. While the stereotype we hold of our felines may not be entirely accurate, they are generally considered to be independent, disinterested, self-reliant, and even sullen at times. But, this cat sister has evidently not gotten the memo on typical cat behavior, or she is just one very special calico cat!   

Watch as this sweetheart uses her gifts of small stature and agility to propel herself right up onto the ice maker’s dispenser tray! Turning her backside to the push lever, she applies pressure and watches the light pop on as perhaps a dozen ice cubes spurt out, slide down her curved spine, and drop onto the floor. As a side note, the kitchen appears to be very clean, despite the kittie’s antics! 

When Miss Kitty thinks she’s procured enough freezing treats, she jumps down and joins her canine buddy; he’s already helping himself to the goodies. Having sauntered by while she was at work, a second dog returns to collect a few himself, and it appears that another ice cube run might be necessary! 

Kitty Cat springs back up and into position. This time, she nearly loses her footing as she begins her dismount, which makes for a landing that’s a couple of points shy of a “10.” However, by now, the big guy has gotten what he wanted and moved on, and she can enjoy the fruits of her labor. The precious cat gets a loving stroke and verbal affirmation from her human, who demonstrates significantly more appreciation than the cat’s canine counterparts!

She is one generous and adorable mouser! Maybe, because her home is such a positive one, she’s broken with tradition and embraced her housemates and their differences. Perhaps she feels outnumbered and opted to pursue peace instead of a competitive peer relationship. 

Quite possibly, as a female, Kitty is playing a protective, motherly role among the household pets. Bless her heart!

Whatever the case, it is “all good” for this family and their animal friends!

“The righteous care for the needs of their animals, but the kindest acts of the wicked are cruel.” Proverbs 12:10  

Source: hollywoodsgemi

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