Family Dives Into Ditch to Escape Tornado

Family Dives Into Ditch to Escape Tornado

You have to check out this video of a terrifying situation one couple found themselves in with their dogs. The family ended up having to dive into a ditch to escape an oncoming tornado!

In the video, you can see the family running for their lives. A tornado is right near them and they are acting quickly to get to safety. “Baby, come on! Baby!” the man shouts to the woman as wind and rain are whipping all around them.

The couple decides to leave their RV thinking that it is more dangerous to stay inside than to seek shelter elsewhere. They ended up taking their dogs and jumping into a ditch as the tornado passed by them. What a scary experience!

But that last minute decision they made to leave their vehicle was the right choice. 

“Cars don’t do very well in tornadoes,” shared Warren Faidley, storm survival expert. “They’re like toys. They’re tossed around and crushed and crumbled. As a last resort, if you can find a ditch, that’s gonna be a good option. I think in this situation, they probably made the right choice.”

The woman in the video is Allie Chapman, and she shared an update from Orange, Texas, the place where the tornado touched down.

“As you can see, we’re safe. We’re standing, we’re good.”

Then she proceeded to show the damage that was done to the RV park and its surroundings. 

“Oh my gosh!” Allie repeats over and over as she takes in the scene of debris and destruction.

Thank goodness this family made the decision that they did and were saved during this scary event! And what a reminder to ua all that if we ever find ourselves in the midst of a tornado, it is imperative to seek shelter in a place other than a vehicle.

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