TobyMac - Faithfully

TobyMac - Faithfully

Check out this worship song by TobyMac titled ‘Faithfully.’

“It's been a long year, it almost took me down, I swear, life was so good
I'm not so sure we knew what we had, I'll never be the same man
I'll never feel like I felt before (felt before), it's been a hard year, it almost took me down
But when my world broke into pieces, You were there faithfully, when I cried out to You”

When TobyMac’s son died, he thought that he was done writing his iconic up-tempo songs. But God had other plans for him. Even in the depths of despair, TobyMac’s music would bring healing to him and his family. And his album Life After Death shows just that.

The song ‘Faithfully’ is on the album Life After Death, and TobyMac shares about how he hopes the song will encourage this generation.

“I would encourage them by asking them to give Him a chance to be faithful: Not base their view of God on what they've learned from their parents or what people say online. But to actually give God a chance. That's what I had to do, honestly,” he said.

TobyMac continued: “In this season, I had to say, ‘OK, hold on. I'm going to stop listening to everybody. I'm going to read the Bible, read God's Word.’ And even though it sounds like it was written 2,000 years ago to a whole different culture, I'm going to see if it's really alive. I'm going to take Him at His word and I'm going to read this. I'm going to give Him a chance for some months or some years of my life before I run away, or before I choose something else that looks more satisfying. I'm going to give God a chance. I'm going to give Him a chance to start to speak to me."

“The only way He can really speak to me is by reading His word. And the only way I can really speak to Him is by praying,” TobyMac shared. “So, if I'm not reading His word and praying, I didn't even really give the relationship a chance because I'm not in one yet. The only way you can be in a relationship is if God's talking to you and you're talking to Him, just like a human relationship. So, when I gave Him a chance, like a real chance, He gave me a reason to trust Him. So that's what I would say, is give God a real chance.”

We hope that you enjoyed listening to ‘Faithfully’ by TobyMac today and it was able to bring you some encouragement.

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