‘Thank You, God’ Grandpa Cries After Hearing Granddaughter’s Big News

‘Thank You, God’ Grandpa Cries After Hearing Granddaughter’s Big News

Upon hearing that his grandchild had gotten into medical school, a grandfather was overcome with emotion.

Grandparents are one of God’s many blessings in life. They are a spring of knowledge, wisdom and love, adding to the lives of those around them. Most grandparents also have the urge to constantly spoil their grandchildren, showering them with toys, candy and money. You’re not likely to hear any grandchildren complaining about this kind of treatment.

However, this time it was the grandchild who returned the favor, treating her grandfather to a bit of good news. A video posted to YouTube shows a grandfather’s sincere, moving and touching reaction after learning that his granddaughter had gotten into medical school. 

The video shows the elderly gentleman sitting in bed as his granddaughter kneels beside him in order to surprise him with her big news.

“I have really big news for you,” she tells him. “I got into medical school.”

The woman’s grandfather is instantly overcome with emotion after her big announcement. He also praises the Lord for giving his grandchild the opportunity to further her education and career in the medical field.

“Thank you, God,” He responds. “I’m happy to hear that. You are our legacy.”

Later in the video, the young lady explains how she and her family wanted to surprise him with the news. They waited a few days after she learned she had been admitted so they could tell him in person. 

Her grandfather remains overjoyed by the news, the young woman reports.

“But he was over the moon,” she said. “He still calls me about it, like, every single day.”

Most grandparents are extraordinary and loving people who want nothing more than to see their grandchildren succeed and experience happiness in life.

Best of luck to this young woman as she begins her medical career journey! 

Proverbs 17:6 “Children’s children are the crown of old men, and the glory of children is their fathers.”

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