Tim Conway Fails To Open Childproof Bottle In Hilarious Carol Burnett Show Clip

Tim Conway Fails To Open Childproof Bottle In Hilarious Carol Burnett Show Clip

Laughing out loud. Tim Conway fails to open a childproof bottle in a hilarious Carol Burnett Show clip. When it comes to opening prescription bottles, the struggle is real. It doesn’t matter if you’re 25 or 95. It seems like the bottles are not only child-proof but adult-proof. 

The Carol Burnett Show opted to create a skit highlighting the pains of trying to open a prescription bottle. In this skit, Tim wrestles a childproof bottle as they introduce him as Tim “The President of Vortex Industries, Mr. Lloyd Adams.”

Tim is serious and professional as he sits behind a desk dressed up in a suit and sporting a neatly shaved mustache. He greets the people and then proceeds in a bland voice to reveal his company took the matter of child-proof bottles seriously and had a team of engineers design the safest prescription bottle possible. 

The only problem is when he attempts to demonstrate the ease of opening the prescription bottle, he runs into a few technical difficulties. Tim tries multiple times and fails. 

Then a stage worker sneaks behind the desk and tries to open it for him without being seen. He proceeds to grab Tim’s hand to bang it on the desk. When that doesn’t work the first time, he tries again. But this time, he grabs Tim’s hand and bangs it on the desk. Next, the worker tries to open the bottle with steaming hot water, which unfortunately gets poured all over Tim’s lap as he attempts to maintain his serious composure. 

Giving up, Tim hands the bottle to the worker, who retreats behind the scenes. A serious of explosions are heard when pieces of the office rain down on Tim. The final moment of the skit is hilarious. You don’t want to miss it. This funny clip is relatable to the pains of prescription bottles. I’ve often debated on using a power drill to open a few of mine. We hope this skit brought a smile to your face and gave you a good laugh. Share it with someone who needs a laugh. After all, laughter is the best medicine. 

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