Julie Andrews Shares The Joys Of Her Friendship With Carol Burnett

Julie Andrews Shares The Joys Of Her Friendship With Carol Burnett

Julie Andrews and Carol Burnett are Hollywood icons who have enjoyed decades of success, and who also happen to be great friends.

Having close friends and confidants is another in a long list of ways God blesses and enriches our lives. Friends are invaluable people who can pick you up when you’re feeling down and out. They are also brave enough to tell us the truth even when it may be hard to hear. 

Actress Julie Andrews has found that kind of friend in fellow actress Carol Burnett. In a video posted to YouTube, Julie talked about her friendship with the legendary comedian, which has spanned decades. 

The “Mary Poppins” actress stated that her friendship with Carol, especially in a place like Hollywood, “is a great gift.”

“I can’t imagine that I would be so lucky to have a friend like that,” Julie said.

Julie, who starred in the classic “The Sound of Music,” described her and Carol’s friendship as “being-once-in-a-lifetime.” She also stated that Carol is an “a-once-in-a-lifetime” type of person. 

All good friendships involve massive amounts of trust and care, which Julie and Carol seem to have in abundance. 

“I trust her completely, as a friend, as a performer,” Julie added. “And her talent is just so unique.”

The blessing of friendship can add so much joy and happiness to life. They are also someone who can be counted on when times are tough. 

And you are not the only person Carol has kept rolling with laughter all these years. Julie confessed that Carol, who recently turned 90 years old, has had her in stitches for quite some time.

“Well, just about every week, for gosh sakes!” Julie said. “I was glued to the television and just amazed at her courage, her talent, her truthfulness. She’s the best of the best.”

Proverbs 27:9 “Oil and perfume make glad the heart and the wise suggestion of a friend is sweet to the soul.”

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