My Savior Lives

I am not skilled to understandrnWhat God has willed, what God has plannedrnI only know at His right handrnStands one who is my SaviorrnrnI take Him at His word and deedrnChrist died to save me; this I readrnAnd in my heart I find a needrnOf Him to be my saviorrnrnThat He would leave His place on highrnAnd come for sinful man to diernYou count it strange, so once did IrnBefore I knew my SaviorrnrnMy Savior loves, My Savior livesrnMy Savior's always there for mernMy God He was, my God He isrnMy God is always gonna bernrnYes, living, dying, let me bringrnMy strength, my solace from this springrnThat He who lives to be my KingrnOnce died to be my Savior (less)

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