Garbage Cross

This is an imovie about the day I went for a walk and as I was walking I saw all kinds of garbage in the ditches to the side of me. As I was pondering this garbage, I believe God gave me a vision of a cross made out of garbage. I often get inspired with different crosses that God gives me. The idea came to me that I needed to make a cross out of garbage to show people that God died for all of our "garbage." The garbage in our lives, the things we think are so big, or small, that God did not die for such things..but I wanted to show that there is nothing to big or too small for God and He died for all of it, and all of us. I hope your life is changed as you see all the "garbage" in a different way.
"Give thanks for ALL things, for we know, that all things work together for good to those that love God."
Mercy Me, Bring the Rain is the song played in imovie

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