Robert Peters Interview Excerpt

A great interview I had with Robert Peters of Morality in Media! I had him on the show back on August 9th 2011, and for this excerpt I ask Bob the question: What do you say to a child who maybe getting into smut? smut is a very sensitive topic, but I feel
is very necessary for us to have a conversation about, because if we're going to have our children avoid the smut alltogether they need to know what's going on. If you are offended by the very idea of us having a conversation (even though we do not say any
foul language) about porn, please do not watch this video. Oh and if I see any viewers outright troll about this topic without giving some sort of logical argument, then your comment will be deleted and you maybe blocked depending on the severity. Here is
the original show link to listen to the rest of this interview:

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