How Do We Make Sense of Our Suffering? (Part Three)

Pain and suffering are the common denominators of the human experience. God told us we would have trouble. There will be trials and ordeals.
We are going to deal with suffering, wounds, loss and pain in this life.
Dr. Swanson teaches from 2 Corinthians 1:3-4 which provides assurance that God promises to comfort us when we are in pain. He comforts us with His presence.
When someone is in need they are comforted by the presence of another, so it is with God. The power of the scripture is that God will come and be with us. The presence of the living God dwells with us that gives us hope and comforts us.
He also assures us that our pain is never going to be wasted. It will be redeemed because God will give us the opportunity to comfort others with the comfort He has given us.

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