A Beautiful Day [Turn it Around with Dr. Tim Clinton]

A Beautiful Day [Turn it Around with Dr. Tim Clinton]


It was such a beautiful day…

I picture her in faded blue jeans and an old red T-shirt – sleeves rolled up – tending the garden she and her husband planted. And after 20 plus years of marriage, their fire still burns. Love runs deep.

I see her in quiet meditation at dawn by the fish pond. Then the bustle and craziness of home schooling 5 kids – and loving every minute of it.

There’s a church missions meeting to plan, a call to an old friend feeling down, dance recital costumes to sew… And it was such a beautiful day.
Much too nice to be laying her to rest.

The wise King Solomon said time and circumstance happen to us all. He tried to explain it, but couldn’t. No one can.

Hold on to hope. And set your hope on Heaven. That’s God’s plan to Turn It Around.

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