TBN Praise the Lord Open 1998

This is the 1998 Open of TBN's flagship program Praise the Lord
Featuring an updated version of TBN's 1992 Praise the Lord open
same graphics in '92
with Jan Crouch's current color hair (Pink and purple hair)
Again, without Jan Crouch since as the late middle-1990s to 2007
and 2007-2010 to present
with different locations such as:
Trinity Music
City in Hendersonville (Nashville), TN
Trinity Christian City International
in Costa Mesa, CA
and the International Production Center in Irving, TX or Dallas, TX
Also have Trinity Broadcasting Network studios in Tustin, CA
with the
1997 canada letter at TBN's same PTL Close in 1992
Also on first generation of TBN Crest
the current TBN Crest logo was made back in 1996, 1998 and 2000 to present
with the same voiceover by Jim McClellan of TBN
has seen many telethons
or Praise-A-Thons have the 2nd announcer
until 2007
Now in 2011, Enjoy your video
and come back

God bless you

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