God's Christmas Rush

It's almost Christmas. How are you? Is your spirit in a rush? Or do you feel a rush in your spirit? Are you feeling like you're running out of time? Or are you exuberant over the birth of Jesus Christ? So much so that you break out in sudden praise! Are you moving with haste... like running around the mall, or are you like the shepherds who rushed to see Jesus when they were told of the Savior's birth? If you have a urging in your spirit and it's not of the world, then you must be in God's Christmas Rush, which means you know that you know that God wants to do something right now. He wants to make a miracle out of your mess. Hear what Minister Jeff Fannell, pastor, On Good Ground Christian Fellowship, is sharing in this sermon clip from "God's Christmas Rush." (To see it in its entirety on DVD or for more info, visit www.ongoodground.org)

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