Deception of Enemy EXPOSED 2012!

Welcome to Students of Heaven with your Representative Val. Today I am excited to expose the lies of the Kingdom of Darkness. There is many talks about aliens across the internet. There is not aliens. It is only demons orchestrating campaigns through men and their talents to distract your eyes off the truth. These are deceptions from Satan and demons to keep your eyes off God and even the enemy himself. These supposed aliens are lies from the Father of lies, the Devil. And what do these aliens want? This is all just to strike fear in peoples hearts to help afflict mental unwellness. To believe in these lies of aliens and ufos is stupid. Protect your minds. Entertain it no more it is demonic from hell but clever. Satan and Christ as always been in cosmic conflict since the beginning of time. Light wins in the end. Fear not when you see images of aliens and art media it all the workings of Satan and be not deceived or tricked. We shall know the truth and the truth will set you free.

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