The leaves are falling, swirling fast in all-abundant shades
Summer days are now long gone; it’s time for shorter days
And now we gather all our friends and all our loved ones too
To think awhile on this past year and all the gifts from You

We are thankful for the blessings that You give
We are grateful for Your grace that lets us live
We are thankful for our families, and Your church that is in unity
But most of all, God, we are thankful for knowing You

And as we think on this past year and all the gifts You gave
Sometimes it seems to overwhelm for all things do is change
But in Your Word we see that You are ever truly God
You never change—all is for our good—You will not spare the rod

Though at times Your gifts were hard some gave us joy and tears
For in those gifts such love was shown—Your goodness made so clear
A new baby life, the gift of love where there was none before
We are in awe of all Your gifts; Your love is shown still more

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