Lincoln Brewster - Real Life

The title song from Lincoln's 2010 album "Real Life". Co-written by Lincoln along with Mia Fieldes of Hillsong fame. Forgive me for seeming somewhat narcissistic here since I included a number of pictures of myself from my childhood, But the song is "Real Life", and these are pictures of my real life. Well, except for the ones about Alaska; I don't know what a "buoy raft" is, and I've never sailed on Kachemak Bay, and I've never run wild across Alaskan plains. Heck, I've never even been to Alaska! Anyway, just indulge me here. There are also some pictures of me in the middle that show me progressing from a baby to an "old man". Oh, and my dad is not in the pictures because he was the one taking them!

OK, but enough about me. Back to the song. A very well crafted song. The first verse talks about childhood memories and memories of a childhood home and taking it for granted. The second verse talks about raising a family and how life was good but it was taken for granted. And finally the

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